Should I Block Ads or Not?

Here are some reasons why you might consider blocking ads… or why you might not.

Ads can slow down pages loading on your computer or mobile phone by as much as 60%.

Ads appear to use over 50% of the bandwidth involved in delivering mobile web pages.


Ad blockers can protect your privacy, since they work by stopping some of the page elements from loading, such as trackers, video or ad servers. Sometimes hundreds of urls are loading in the background, some of which may be sending your personal data to other websites without your permission!


Blocking ads protects your privacy AND saves you money by not using as much data from your mobile carrier or ISP….


And it prevents you from being interrupted by annoying messages while reading the news or consuming other content!


Adblocking is also a real defense against attackers who use ads to install malware on your device!

When you block ads though, many website publishers can no longer make money showing you ads.


Advertisers pay the average website $0.0005 to $0.003 every time you see an ad. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.
Websites could try to charge consumers directly for the content they consume, but apart from the annoyance factor involved in asking people  for money, trying to charge small amounts for their content instead of showing ads, credit card fees would eat up most of the profit. Several companies (including, Flattr and Blendle) are working on ways to help consumers pay for content instead of having to watch ads that may not be relevant to them.
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