New York Times Quotes Report

October 31, 2016
The New York Times published an article entitled “Publishers Are Rethinking Those ‘Around the Web’ Ads” (written by Sapna Maheshwari and John Herrman), where it mentions the work we did in our Clickbait Report: A report in September from the nonprofit found that 41 of the top 50 news sites — including The Guardian, CNN, Time and Forbes ...

Clickbait Report Now Available

September 20, 2016
Our Clickbait Report is now available on the website. Please signup for our mailing list on the homepage, or follow us or give feedback on Twitter.

With 82% of Top News Sites Using These Ads, Are Come-Ons FTC-Compliant?

August 18, 2016
ChangeAdvertising, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, conducted a study from August 14-18th that examined the top 50 news sites (list of sites based on this article from 2015 by the New York Times).

What a Website Loads onto Your Computer

July 6, 2016
Back in October 2015, I made a video of me going to the homepage and navigating to one of the top articles, scrolling to the bottom (as I would if reading it) and then back to the top while seeing what was loading. In addition to seeing the same Mercedes ad 11 times on the right ...

Beware Celebrity “Ads”

June 30, 2016
This article first appeared on (12/12/2015). Today, on the front page of Yahoo, a fake news article ad ran using Robert Downey, Jr.’s likeness (red box below), and pointed to a fake version of the Discovery Channel website (“”). The site then also included fake endorsements from Roger Federer, Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig. Recently, I saw a fake ...

Helping You Understand Advertising, and Change It!

June 24, 2016
ChangeAdvertising helps people understand how websites and advertising companies are using their attention, personal data, and mobile bandwidth, and encourages discussion between people and the ad/data/publishing industries.