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We had great success in shining a light on the questionable practices of anonymous clickbait publishers in our first investigative effort (it was covered in the New York Times)!

Our current project is investigating how fake news is funded. We’ve identified a data source that can help, and you can donate to help us get access to it (we’ll be able to combine it with other data that has been donated for this effort!). If you’re up for volunteering your time to help us analyze the data, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re unable to donate, then please sign up for our news/notifications list below and tell your friends about what we’re doing.


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If you’re interested in volunteering your skills instead, please send an email to me with your background and how you see yourself helping:

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Our mission is to help people understand how websites and advertising companies are using their attention, personal data, and mobile bandwidth, and encourages discussion between people and the ad/data/publishing industries

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